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Explore our impactful journey with AGN International Scholarship and Admission Inc, as we harnessed our creative prowess to amplify their presence, capture prospects, and foster enduring client connections, revolutionizing their outreach in the Nigerian education landscape.


Embark on a journey that unfolded doors of opportunity for AGN International Scholarship and Admission Inc. This case study showcases how our collaboration strengthened their brand presence, triggered a surge in leads, and cemented enduring bonds with clients. Our comprehensive suite of services paved the way for these remarkable achievements.

Client: AGN International Scholarship & Admissions
Industry: Education


  • Brand Strategy Session
  • Print Marketing Flyer Design
  • Roll-Up Banner
  • Social E-Flyer Design
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Brand Strategy

Through a meticulous brand strategy session, we delved deep into AGN International Scholarship and Admission Inc’s core values, aspirations, and target audience. By aligning their mission with a strategic roadmap, we set the stage for an impactful campaign that resonated with students, parents, and guardians alike.

Print Marketing Flyer Design

Crafting an engaging narrative, we designed captivating print marketing flyers that succinctly conveyed AGN’s offerings and benefits. These tangible assets became potent tools, effectively grabbing attention and inciting interest among the target audience, ultimately driving an upsurge in inquiries.

Roll-Up Banner Creation

A striking roll-up banner further solidified AGN’s presence at key events and seminars. With a perfect blend of visual aesthetics and informative content, the banner became an unmissable focal point, casting a powerful impression and reinforcing the agency’s commitment to education

Social Media E-Flyers

In the digital realm, we harnessed the potential of social media by designing engaging e-flyers. These captivating visuals were tailored for online platforms, garnering likes, shares, and comments, while simultaneously channeling traffic to AGN’s services and fostering brand loyalty.


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
My experience with them was satisfactory. They showed diligence and capacity.
Mr. Princewill Ohia
CEO, AGN International Scholarship and Admissions

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