Elevating Ministry Impact:

Witness how our creative services Christ Embassy, over they years, has magnified their global influence through meticulously crafted designs and strategic promotions, fostering profound connections within their congregation.


Embark on a remarkable journey that showcases our dynamic partnership with Christ Embassy, an international megachurch led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Through our comprehensive suite of services, we’ve fueled enhanced recognition and engagement for their ministry events, weekly services, and special celebrations. With a fusion of strategic brand sessions, eye-catching designs, and impactful printing solutions, our collaboration has seamlessly blended creativity and purpose, leaving an indelible mark on their global outreach.

  • Publicity Flyer Designs
  • Roll-Up Banners
  • Birthday E-Card Designs
  • Wedding Anniversary E-Card Design
  • Social Media Publicity E-Card Designs
  • Printing Services
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Print Publicity Flyers

Crafting vibrant and captivating publicity flyers, we translated Christ Embassy’s vision into tangible designs that reverberated with their followers. These flyers became powerful vessels for communicating event details and generating anticipation.

Roll-Up Banners

Standing tall and visually commanding, our roll-up banners adorned Christ Embassy’s gatherings, creating immersive backdrops that visually narrated the essence of their events, while also serving as practical wayfinding tools.

Lorenz Onyekachi Creative Services

Birthday E-Cards

Infusing celebratory spirit into bytes and pixels, our birthday e-card designs amplified the joy of honoring Christ Embassy’s senior pastors. These digital creations radiated warmth and respect, reinforcing the bonds within their congregation.

Wedding Anniversary E-Cards

Marking the sanctity of union, our wedding anniversary e-card design captured the enduring love stories within Christ Embassy’s leadership. These designs encapsulated a sense of unity and shared purpose, echoing the church’s values.

Social Media Publicity E-Cards

In the era of digital connectedness, our social media promotion e-card designs became virtual beacons, guiding followers towards impactful ministry engagements and encouraging active participation.

Printing Services

Ensuring a tactile experience, our printing services transformed digital designs into tangible realities, augmenting the palpable impact of Christ Embassy’s branding across events and gatherings.

Client Testimonial

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Exceptional designs and printing services! Lorenz Onyekachi Creative Services LTD has been responsible for the flyers, banners and posters we use for our church services and various crusades.

I recommend this company!
Pastor Dayo Owolabi
Group Pastor, Christ Embassy Orile Group,
Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 3

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