Montreal Nationwide Limited

Embark on a journey of brand renewal and reimagination as we unveil our transformative partnership with Montreal Nationwide Limited, a distinguished travel agency nestled in the heart of Istanbul. Discover how we rekindled their identity, elevated their presence, and breathed new life into their brand.


In this case study, we delve into the comprehensive brand transformation project executed for Montreal Nationwide Limited. By combining strategic insights with creative ingenuity, we breathed new life into their brand, rejuvenating their image and setting the stage for a prosperous future. From a Brand Strategy Session to a captivating Social Media E-Flyer Design, join us on this captivating voyage through the various facets of our revitalization journey.

Client: Montreal Nationwide Limited
Industry: Travel and Tour


  • Brand Strategy Session
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Stationery System Design
  • Marketing Material
  • Visual Display Design
  • Website UI Redesign
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Brand Strategy

Journeying through Montreal Nationwide’s ambitions and values, our Brand Strategy Session was the compass guiding this transformation. We unraveled their core, vision, and purpose, creating a roadmap for reinvention.

Brand Identity Design

At the heart of Montreal Nationwide’s brand revitalization, our Logo Design was the crown jewel. Crafted as a lettermark, the “M” symbolized Montreal, while the upward-slanting rectangle evoked the spirit of a travel passport. This iconic logo breathed new life into their identity, a perfect blend of heritage and wanderlust.

Stationery System Design

Our Stationery System, encompassing business cards, staff ID cards, letterhead, and envelopes, epitomized Montreal Nationwide’s renewed professionalism. Business cards became powerful introductions, ID cards a symbol of unity, letterhead a mark of authenticity, and envelopes a vessel for meaningful correspondence. Together, they formed an impactful brand presence.

Marketing Materials

Our Marketing Material Design, a multifaceted offering, encompassed captivating flyer designs, a trifold brochure, engaging Social Media E-Flyer Design, and eye-catching Print Poster Design. This diverse arsenal of promotional materials seamlessly conveyed Montreal Nationwide’s unique offerings and beckoned travelers to embark on unforgettable journeys.

Visual Display Design

Our Visual Display Design played a pivotal role in transforming Montreal Nationwide’s corporate offices and event presence. With captivating Roll-Up Banner Design and eye-catching Poster Design, we ensured their brand left a lasting impact in both environments, captivating visitors and reinforcing their unique travel experiences.

Website UI Redesign

With a user-centric approach, we revamped Montreal Nationwide’s website, enhancing its functionality and aesthetics. It now serves as an inspiring portal for travelers, setting the stage for exploration.

Client Testimonial

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Lorenz Onyekachi is an ingenious print design and print management personnel whose services just keep getting better and better. He’s easy to get along with, quick-witted and friendly. I always know things will work out well with every project Lorenz executes for me or my company.

In addition to good design and printing services, Lorenz Onyekachi adds something else to his deliverables, something that is most needed today in the service sector: customer satisfaction and peace of mind for clients. I heartily recommend Lorenz Onyekachi.
Mr. Samuel Ojekere
CEO, Montreal Nationwide LTD

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